Tara the Hero

It’s been almost a week since a video of cat named Tara has been circling around the Internet.

Tara, is a cat who saved her little friends life by fighting off an attacking dog.

Now how cool is that?

If all cats would have these sort of instincts I guess there would be even more cat lovers out there.

Cheers to Tara, the Hero.


Cat named Henri

There is nothing better to light up a day than a new pair of shoes, a great morning coffee or a funny cat video. This time I came across not so funny as a thoughtful video of a cat named Henri. It’s French, it’s black and white and its accompanied by soothing piano music. Nothing less than a great piece to watch.

If there would be Oscars for animals Henri would undoubtedly be nominated. Please be introduced: Henri the thoughtful  cat.