Why a cat needs a box

It was 3 years ago when I picked up two stray kittens from the bushes of a park. Just as I was jogging past them I heard little tiny kitty voices.

It was sort of like cliche- day turned to evening, slightly dark and a minor drizzling rain. Of course enormous felt of pity and amount of cuteness swept over me and there I was jogging back to my home with two kittens in my arms.

The box was the kittens first friend. It was the only territory they liked and did not leave for at least a week. A soft cardboard box which offered security, untouchableness and familiarity. This box served them entire year, even when they grew up and barely could fit in it. But that wasn’t it, that was just the beginning…

Cats, predators by nature, need a place to hide from other living creatures, noises and smells. A place where they can observe their kingdom in peace and without being noticed. Even more they need if they are kept in a closed environment (such as a house or an apartment). Wild nature serves them well with tons of spots for solitude by offering places which makes them invisible for the rest of the world. But through evolution many cats have moved from endless wilderness to a 1,000 ft households, now they need to find their own spots in much smaller territory of their new homes.

This is why you find them sleeping in the dryer, under the coach, in your closet or every bag or box you bring home. They need their territory, their own place, their own box.

Finding a box for two felins was easy. Their first box was not sturdy enough to last for longer, so cats moved to an IKEA box which I borrowed from a friend for moving. Cats have their own agenda and decision making, they don’t really take your plans into account most of the time. So the borrowed IKEA boxed turned into cats new playground, I had no say.

After moving to a beautiful apartment in the heart of the city, the cardboard Ikea box felt out of place. Or to be precise had no place within the interior design of the apartment. The hunt for a beautiful cardboard box had begun.

What seemed simple was not. Unfortunately the playhouses we found were either of a very outdated design, not suitable for our home, or they were nicely designed but far too expensive.

This led us to create something on our own.

A playhouse for cats which would offer them security, solitude, a hiding place while being environmentally friendly. A playhouse which would look great and accessorise any household and also serve as a playground for pets.

We created Petbo. But more on that in the next post.