Petbo is fully funded on kickstarter

It’s been exactly one month since we launched Petbo on Kickstarter and we are proud to announce that we have reached our funding goal with one more day to go.

Pre-order is still open for 1 more day for those that would like to be among the privileged first owners of a Petbo:

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As we are now moving forward to prepare the first round of production we are also releasing the first sneak peak of our next cat haven, the Petbo TV.

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Private Little Kingdom for our Furry Friends

Research has shown that cats — predators by nature — need a place to hide, play, relax and observe their surroundings from without being spotted or disturbed. They need their own territory that they don’t have to share with others. They need their own little kingdom.
This became very clear to us after moving to a smaller apartment with our 2 cats. The apartment was lacking dark and private corners so our adorable felines played and napped in pretty much anything they could squeeze themselves into. The dryer was Flake’s personal favorite, especially when we forgot to take the clothes out. Leon on the other hand preferred a closet.

*Flake is on the left and Leon on the right

*Flake is on the left and Leon on the right

So to offer them their own private space they so much needed, we decided to get them a playhouse. But once we started to look around there didn’t seem to be many great and affordable options. Either we would have needed to sacrifice on the appearance or on the eco-friendliness and we wanted to do neither.

We have a saying in Estonian (my native language): “self-made is well made” and with that in mind, my partners and I sketched our own first playhouse prototype. Our goal was to create a beautiful playhouse for cats that would look great, that’s environmentally friendly and yet at an affordable price.


David and Niels creating first prototypes

After countless months, weekends and nights we finally have it ready! Our Petbo playhouses are made of every cats’ favorite material – cardboard and they all come with a very much-loved scratchboard. They are also easily assembled in less than 1 minute, so it is possible to take it along for travels or to a summer home.

Petbo- Design playhouse for pets

It took us 6 months to develop a first proper prototype which would look like something we want to move forward with. 6 months of designing, engineering, re-thinking, optimizing and manufacturing.

Long process, but boy it was worth it.

Now we are almost done, ready to present special playhouses for pets. A gift every cat dreams of (a part from some tasty chicken and beef of course).

A playhouse for cats to fulfill their instinctive need to hide and have their own space. That comes with the nicest prints to accessorize every home while still serve as a playground for pets.

Petbo image



More details and images you can check here:

Tara the Hero

It’s been almost a week since a video of cat named Tara has been circling around the Internet.

Tara, is a cat who saved her little friends life by fighting off an attacking dog.

Now how cool is that?

If all cats would have these sort of instincts I guess there would be even more cat lovers out there.

Cheers to Tara, the Hero.